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Submitting NHDPlus Applications Fact Sheets

If you have an existing fact sheet that you’d like to provide please confirm that it contains the information listed below, then pass it along through email using the Contact link on the left.

If you don’t already have a fact sheet, we’d be glad to work with you to put one together. Just provide the content as described below and we’ll incorporate it into a fact sheet for your review. With your OK, we’ll then include it in the collection of fact sheets served from the NHDPlus Web site.

We look forward to helping you share your NHDPlus work with others!

Some things to consider:

  • We are not requiring a particular fact sheet layout or design. Please use whatever layout or design you prefer.
  • Please try to limit this to 2 pages including any graphics.
  • We would like your submission in MSWORD format. This will allow the NHDPlus team to re-use the graphics and text description in other NHDPlus forums.
  • On the NHDPlus Web site, we will list the title of the fact sheet and the contact name and organization sponsoring the project. When you submit your fact sheet, please be clear about the appropriate name to use for the listing (this is especially important in multiple author efforts).

Required information:

  • Project Title:

  • Project Background:

  • Project Description:
    • Highlights
    • Technologies employed
    • Graphic(s)
    • Related Web sites

  • Outcome or Benefits:
    • The role of NHDPlus in this result
    • The relationship to organization’s strategic plans/goals, as appropriate

  • Partners:

  • For more information, contact:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Organization including city and state
    • Phone number

Any questions that you might have can be submitted using the Contacts link in the main menu on the left.