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NHDPlus Version 1 (NHDPlusV1)

Please note that NHDPlusV1 is replaced in its entirety by NHDPlusV2. NHDPlusV1 data will remain available through this archive, however, users are encouraged to migrate existing applications and develop new applications using the far superior NHDPlusV2.

First released in 2006, the NHDPlusV1 consists of ten components:

  • 2006 version of the 1:100K National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)
  • 2004 version of the 30 meter National Elevation Dataset (NED)
  • A set of value added attributes to enhance stream network navigation, analysis and display
  • An elevation-based catchment for each flowline in the stream network
  • Catchment characteristics
  • Headwater node areas
  • Cumulative drainage area characteristics
  • Flow direction and flow accumulation grids
  • Flowline min/max elevations and slopes
  • Flow volume & velocity estimates for each flowline in the stream network

Additional information

NHDPlusV1 data was developed by hydrologic region within the U.S., except hydrologic region 10 which is divided into 10 Upper (10U) and 10 Lower (10L). The completed data is served from the Horizon Systems FTP site and may be freely downloaded.

The NHDPlus Elevation, Flow Accumulation and Flow Direction grids are distributed by sub-parts of hydrologic regions. These sub-parts are referred to as "production units". A national shapefile of the production units is available.

Additional information about NHDPlus components is available: