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NHDPlusV2 User Guide

NHDPlus Version 2 User Guide (PDF )

NHDPlusV2 Metadata

NHDPlus Version 2 Metadata (Web , XML )

Download NHDPlus Version 2 metadata and Extended Metadata components from the links below:

NHDPlusV2 Technical Documents and Articles

NHDPlusV2 Training

Exercise Data

Use the links below to obtain the data necessary for performing the exercises.


  • Exercise 0 - Installing Tools and Data
  • This exercise is a prerequisite for all other exercises. It provides instructions for acquiring the data and the tools needed to complete the other exercises.

  • Exercise 1 - Setting Up the Data
  • In this exercise, you'll learn: (1) how to obtain and install NHDPlusV2 data; (2) how to use a special NHDPlusV2 tool to quickly build indexes and pyramids; and (3) an easy method for keeping your NHDPlusV2 data up to date.

  • Exercise 2 - Linking Data to NHD
  • In this exercise, you'll learn how to use the NHD linear referencing system to link data to the NHD stream network in NHDPlusV2.

  • Exercise 3 - Navigating With Geometry
  • In this exercise, you'll learn how to navigate the NHD stream network using the geometry of the stream network features.

  • Exercise 4 - Navigating with the Flow Table and With VAAs
  • In this exercise, you'll learn how to navigate the NHD stream network using the NHDPlusV2 flow table and using the NHDPlusV2 VAAs with tools built specifically for that purpose.

  • Exercise 5 - Network Analysis
  • This exercise combines what you learned in exercises 2, 3, and 4 to illustrate network analysis using NHDPlusV2.

  • Exercise 6 - Raster Datasets
  • NHDPlusV2 contains many raster datasets. In this exercise, you'll learn how best to use raster data and how to symbolize NHDPlusV2 raster data in a map.

  • Exercise 7 - Watershed Delineation
  • In this exercise, you'll learn how to delineate a watershed (the drainage area upstream) from a point along the stream network.

  • Exercise 8 - NHDPlusV2 Simple Model
  • This exercise provides a simple dilution model as an example of how NHDPlusV2 can be used to build models.

NHDPlusV2 Presentations

2018 AWRA GIS Conference - April 2018

NHDPlusV2 Navigation and Discovery - McKay(PPTX )

2015 ESRI User Conference - July 2015

NHDPlus - Evolution of a Surface Water Geofabric - Dewald(PPTX )

NHDPlus - High Resolution - Rea(PPTX )

Open Water Data Initiative - Rea(PPTX )

2014 AWRA GIS Conference - May 2014

Catching Up on NHDPlus - Dewald(PPTX )

EPA's GeoPilot - Young(PPTX )

EROM - NHDPlusV2 Flow Estimation - Bondelid(PPTX )

Building Analytical Applications Using NHDPlusV2 - McKay(PPTX )

USGS EGIS - February 2014

NHDPlus Application Examples - Rea(PPTX )

NHDPlusV2 Network Value Added Attributes - McKay(PPTX )

2013 ESRI User Conference - July 2013

An Update on NHDPlus - Dewald, McKay(PPTX )

NHDPlus Version 2 Web Services - Rea, Dewald, McKay(PPTX )

2012 ESRI User Conference - July 2012

NHDPlus Concepts, Applications, and Plans - Tommy Dewald(PPTX )

NHDPlusV2 Introduction & Status - Cindy McKay(PPTX )

NHDPlusV2 DEM Derivatives - Al Rea(PPTX )

NHDPlusV2 EROM Flow Estimation - Tim Bondelid(PPTX )

NHDPlus Sparrow Modeling - Rich Moore (presented by Al Rea)(PPTX )

NHDPlusV2 History

History of the USEPA River Reach Files(PDF )

Weaving the National Hydrologic Geospatial Fabric(PDF )

Making the Digital Water Flow(PDF )